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When choosing your circuit board manufacturing partner, you have a lot of options to choose from. So, how do you choose the right partner? What we can share is how we at Tramonto Circuits work with our customers and what makes us different from other circuit board experts.

Prioritizing what matters

The biggest issues design engineers face tend to be surrounding quality and late deliveries. We know that delivery delays and quality issues cause major issues that affect more than just your plans. Tramonto Circuits was started in 2008 to combat these problems and still does today.

Keeping up with the times

Tramonto Circuits started as just a flexible circuit company only. But, client demands led to the expansion of providing circuit boards and other circuit types, as well as assembly specifications as they evolved. Now, we can provide the design, assembly, and testing of multiple types of circuits

The evidence is clear

Both our on-time delivery rate and our overall quality ratio are over 99% each and every year. There are not many companies out there that release this data but we very closely track it each year to make sure we reach this and communicate it to our customers. You can be sure that working with Tramonto Circuits will bring you both quality and on-time delivery.

Our process is easy

After sending in your purchase order, we begin creating the assembly instructions, go through the design for manufacturing process, and communicate with the customer what their expectations can be for delivery. After the assembly process, the product goes through inspection and then we ship it, on time every time. Our customers know what to expect for their project when they begin working with Tramonto Circuits.

Industry knowledge

You want to find a circuit board manufacturer that has experience in your industry. Tramonto Circuits has worked with a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, medical, automotive, consumer, telecommunications, and industrial. The only industries we do not deal with are military and DOD.

Contact Tramonto Circuits today to start working with a reliable partner on your circuit manufacturing project.