Lightweight and durable flexible heaters

It’s no secret that electronic components are sensitive to changes in temperature. They can easily be damaged or degraded by exposure to moisture and condensation, so today’s industries often rely on flexible heaters (Polyimide/Kapton heaters and silicone rubber heaters) to stabilize their environment without any negative effects. These flexible heaters are lightweight, thin, bendable electronic circuit components with heat transfer properties providing the ability to bond to surfaces requiring uniform heat distribution and high-wattage capabilities.

Similar to flexible circuits, Tramonto Circuits manufactures flexible heaters that conform to different shapes, and sizes using materials that resist harmful fluids and chemicals. They also provide conductive heat spreaders to ensure consistent temperatures across the product being heated.

Specializing in high-quality flexible heater solutions for medical, aerospace, transportation and telecommunications, Tramonto Circuits produce solutions that reliably meet needs for harsh, cold climates.

Knowing that no two flexible heaters are the same, the engineers at Tramonto Circuits work with you to perfect the design for your specific application.