Turn-key Electronic Component Manufacturing

Tramonto Circuits offers a wide range of innovative and efficient electronic manufacturing services. These include complete turn-key support, component sourcing, prototype design & fabrication – all focused on making customer success happen! With years of combined experience in the field, Tramonto Circuits is committed to providing you with a dynamic electronic components product that will exceed your expectations for both quality and service!

With our electronic manufacturing ISO facilities in St. Paul, Minnesota and ShenZhen, we offer the perfect balance of cost-effective production for both high and low volume customers with flexibility to create supply chains for high-demand productions. Our organizational structure enables us to support you, our customer, with every business need at any volume level.

We deliver flex and rigid circuits on time every time.

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Electronic Manufacturing Services

Tramonto provides complete, turn-key solutions for all steps in the design and manufacturing process.  Our start-to-finish process includes engineering, PCB fabrication, design, assembly and logistics support. We provide lower cost solutions while maintaining clear, open communication and high product quality fabrication.

Tramonto’s commitment to high-standards and quality ensures that your business has a reliable manufacturing partner, with many advantages. Our order flexibility means you can take advantage of quick lead times when it comes time for reorder; and our product flexibility allows us to customize any design request or OEM specification while still meeting stringent deadlines.  

We know how important it is to have the appropriate electronic parts when building a new project or system. We also understand that timing is everything in today’s fast-paced world – which makes getting those critical pieces quickly all the more essential for ensuring efficiency at work.  And with our 99.4% on-time delivery rate, we help you create a seamless customer experience!

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