Flexible circuits designed for application

Tramonto Circuits provides you with the latest circuit designs to help your business stay competitive in today’s market. Whether a simple, flexible circuit application or a more complex design, Tramonto Circuits understands that every application is unique and not one size fits all when it comes to circuitry solutions.

Flexible circuits consist of thin, light-weight electrical circuits that conform to small spaces and contoured 3D shapes including cubes and cylinders. Together, we work with you to produce high-quality, cost effective flexible circuits and electronic components to meet your design requirements. From simple flexible circuit boards used as connectors between multiple boards up to fully integrated wearable technology, the engineers at Tramonto work strategically to deliver custom circuit solutions with a quick turnaround for on-time delivery.

The right technology can make all the difference for your business. That’s why we offer a diverse range of flexible circuit solutions, so you’re always able to maintain that competitive edge.