Adhesives & Spreader Options

Tramonto Circuits’ flexible heaters can be constructed with many types of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) well suited to adhere to many different materials. Some common materials that flexible heaters may need to adhere to are plastic, ceramic, steel, aluminum and many more. PSAs that have been used successfully range from thermally conductive adhesives, to high bond, to high temp and many more. Our experience will provide your design team with the knowledge to allow them to cut their time to market down considerably!

Tramonto Circuits has also designed heat spreaders of all available conductive materials in our flexible heater products. The use of so called heat spreaders is not widespread, but is not uncommon either. When coupled with our PSA offerings, the heat spreader can be attached to any component or material your application requires to provide a solid consistent temperature over time.

Some Key Points

  • Heat spreaders of any of the conductive materials are available
  • Functional test of flexible heater assemblies are available
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for attachment to most materials