Electronic Component Testing Capabilities

Tramonto Circuits specializes in providing clients with a wide range of quality assurance services and performs the appropriate testing of select products that we manufacture or source to meet your business requirements. We tailor a plan of action that meets your specific needs that may include prototype, strain relief and production tests as needed.

We conduct a thorough evaluation of the entire component with a pass / fail determination on finished PCBs before being shipped for customer delivery. This ensures that electronic products and components comply with regulation standards and to any specific requirements defined by you, our client. 

Our most common test scenario is the function test (FCT) and is performed as our final manufacturing step. The purpose of the function test is to validate the performance of the product and to ensure it is free of defects that could adversely affect its functionality in a system application.

During the testing stages, the Tramonto Circuits  team will confirm that the PCB is functioning precisely as it should and at the performance level required. Enhanced testing creates a simulated operating environment to thoroughly test the functionality and productivity of every component. According to the intended area of use, the environment is replicated and the electrical performance of the PCB is checked. This allows automatic testing in a controlled environment performed by our team of production engineers. 

Tramonto Circuits will work with you to customize a testing plan that provides you peace of mind that your electronic components will perform, without interruption, as needed in your environment.

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Electronic Product Box Builds

Tramonto Circuits provides custom-made product box builds (also called systems integration) to meet your specific business requirements and needs. 

We partner with you from inception to completion, looking at your specific requirements. Our engineers can then recommend what kind of work will be right for the needs on hand – whether that’s a simple PCB assembly or more intricate work like an electromechanical system.

PCBs are a complex yet essential component of any modern electronic device. With our turnkey product box build, our engineers perform PCB fabrication, installation and connect all of the components for one complete operating circuit board system specific to your business model.

Tramonto Circuits can handle all your needs for a custom, tailored solution. Reach out today for custom quote for your business.

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