Flexible Heater Design

Tramonto Circuits provides full design service or design assistance for all flexible heater products. Whether you require us to design the circuit from ground zero or simply need guidance for specific areas of your design, our CAD group is comprised of talented and experienced layout engineers that are happy to support your requirements.

Flexible heater design is the most called upon for our design group. We design from scratch about 50% of all heater products manufactured at Tramonto Circuits. Although the specifications are entrenched in the most basic of electronic theorems, it requires a solid knowledge of fabrication techniques, materials and design options to complete the design successfully. Our team of CAD engineers has accumulated decades of experience that is easily and readily transferred to our customers.

Some Key Points

  • Full design of flexible heaters
  • Support for design or materials specifications
  • Robust heater design and attachment options
  • Assure design meets IPC‐6013 Qualifications and Performance Specifications for Flexible Printed Boards