Competitive Inventory Management and Stocking Program

Tramonto Circuits provides an electronic inventory management stocking service for all of our customers.  Using the Kanban Inventory Management (KIM) System, we help our customers by providing a true competitive edge in the marketplace. 

KanBan electronic inventory management eliminates unnecessary stock, lessening the time and resources wasted on ordering items as needed, allocating space for extra parts that are not in use, and avoiding bottlenecks caused by waiting to receive components or products which may be out-of-stock.

We deliver flex and rigid circuits on time every time.

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Digital Electronic Component Inventory Management

Tramonto Circuits’ stocking program is an electronic inventory management program that allows you control of your inventory digitally, rather than maintaining stock at your facility. This not only frees up space at your business, but keeps your operational costs to a minimum. When you have an order for your pre-stocked electronic components inventory, KanBan initiates the order process, ships based on JIT (just in time) and efficiently prepares your timely deliveries.

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