Double Sided Heaters

Double sided flexible heaters are very similar to single sided heaters with one distinct difference. They are constructed the same as the single sided flexible heaters, but have a second (“double”) conductive layer on the bottom side used as a heat spreader. This heat spreader typically consists of a solid conductive pattern used to create a consistent temperature across the opposite side of the heater. This type of flexible heater has a slightly thicker construction with an overall thickness range of 9.0 (.009”) mils to 12.2 (.0122”) mils typically. Although the double sided flexible heater is thicker than its single sided sister, it is still a very thin and light construction that finds its way into medical as well as industrial heater applications. All component types can be attached to single sided heaters and current carrying capabilities of signal traces range from a few milliamps to several amps.

Some Key Points

  • Simple and robust construction well suited for applications small and large
  • Thin and light weight, yet durable enough for millions of operations
  • Wide operating temperature range from ‐55°C ‐ 150°C
  • Mount all component types – surface mount (SMT), thru – hole, crimp on pins
  • Meets IPC‐6013 Qualifications and Performance Specifications for Flexible Printed Boards

Design Capabilities

  • Layer Count: 2 conductive layers
  • Trace/Space: determined by heater specifications
  • Current Carrying Capacity: few milliamps to several amps
  • Hole Size: .008” drilled not plated typical, .004” laser drilled non‐typical
  • Conductor Thickness: 1.0 mil, 1.4 mil, 2.0 mil typical
  • Material thickness: 1 mil, 2 mil typical, 3 mil and 5 mil non‐typical
  • FR4 Stiffener Thickness: .010” ‐ .125”
  • Polyimide Stiffener Thickness: .002” ‐ .010”
  • Conductor Materials: Copper, Inconel, Constantan, Aluminum