Flexible and rigid circuits designed for aerospace applications

Tramonto Circuits provides innovative, reliable solutions for aerospace PCB assemblies. Where competition is high, the industry players need to be on top of innovation and development in order to maintain a competitive edge.

With a growing demand in electronic manufacturing and layout solutions, Tramonto Circuits has become one of the leaders to serve the aerospace industry with efficient PCB assembly, advanced assembly technologies and quick turnarounds for innovative prototypes.

We deliver flex and rigid circuits on time every time.

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Our Aerospace Industry Experience

When it comes to aerospace electronics components manufacturing, stringent quality standards and guidelines are at an all time high. Tramonto Circuits stays aware of any environmental conditions that affect the electronic circuits of in flight components.

At Tramonto Circuits, we offer engineering services with an unmatched level of security. These applications require a heightened awareness about what they need from us as developers when it comes to their critical needs: power efficiency, maximum performance, and reliability at all levels.

Our aerospace electronic component assembly products can be found in:

  • Window shade sensors for airplanes
  • Battery heating devices
  • Lighting strips
  • Keypads
  • Wind / pressure sensing devices
  • Sonar / Piezoelectric devices for weapons and warfare

Tramonto Circuits ensures that your PCB assembly will not only withstand extreme high heat, but also has effective radio transmission frequency, mechanisms in place for shock absorption and a low risk of radiation.

Our extensive experience and highly-regarded electronics and aerospace engineering team makes Tramonto Circuits a great partner for your PCB assembly.

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