Custom circuits for industrial applications

As a technological and manufacturing leader in circuit design and assembly, Tramonto Circuits has served many industrial customers throughout the United States and worldwide.  While iIndustrial advances continue to soar, the engineering team at Tramonto Circuits is keeping up with the growth and consumer trends.

We have found that whether you’re a small, medium-sized or large business we’ve got something for everyone. We can produce flexible circuits and flex / rigid circuit boards to meet your needs technologically no matter the stage of development.  We even have great options for startup businesses and entrepreneurs!

We deliver flex and rigid circuits on time every time.

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Our Industrial Application Experience

Serving businesses of all sizes for their industrial needs, Tramonto’s circuits are commonly found in:

  • Commercial washer and dryer controls (laundromats)
  • Industrial instrumentation
  • Scientific cameras
  • Keypads / calculators
  • Machinery control devices
  • Custom contacts for cable interconnects
  • Temperature and pressure measurement devices (thermometers / gauges)

Whether your needs are large-scale / industrial or a smaller-scale startup, Tramonto has the flexible circuit capabilities to meet your business demands. Call us today to find out more.

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