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The smallest malfunction in a circuit can have significant consequences, especially when going through the manufacturing process. Testing is a huge part of what we do at Tramonto Circuits because we want our customers to safely avoid setbacks that will delay their product getting to market. Here are some of the best practices we employ when it comes to testing electronic circuits.

Visual inspection

We always first check for any loose connections, damaged or burnt components, or signs of physical damage. All components should be in their correct locations, too, and there should be no short circuits between the tracks.


We then connect the circuit to power and switch it on, using a multimeter to measure the voltage to make sure it is operating within the expected range.

Functionality test

We will simulate the circuit’s operating conditions and verify that it performs as it will be intended. We take into account all factors of what this circuit’s purpose will be, including temperature and other environmental factors, timing, sensors, and more.

Long-term reliability

A circuit has to continue to function correctly over an extended period. Therefore, we’ll subject the circuit to continuous operation for several weeks to check for any failures.

Thorough electronic circuit testing can save time, money, and even lives. Work with Tramonto Circuits to make sure your next project is in good hands.