The year is 2023 and all we seem to continue hearing about is one supply chain crisis after another. Tramonto Circuits has been around long enough to see and adapt to other world crises. A global pandemic, of course, is one major source of manufacturing delays. However, there are themes that most frequently can be the source of delays, no matter what is going on at the current point in history. Here are those common sources of manufacturing delays to look out for.


Late Shipments

Limitations in raw materials or components can lead to late shipments and if workers don’t have what they need, they can’t move forward and there will be a slowdown in production. This can also lead to an increase in inventory costs as finished goods cannot be shipped out until the missing items arrive.



A Request for Quote (RFQ) helps allow a supplier to maximize their sales at an appropriate price point, considering all variables. These RFQ’s can cause manufacturing delays if the process of gathering quotes from suppliers takes too long. Sometimes an RFQ process can result in selecting a supplier who cannot deliver on time, further adding to the delay.


Order Acknowledgements

Order acknowledgments are simply the process of confirming and verifying customer orders. If they’re not completed in a timely manner, that can cause delays on top of confusion about details and the need for clarification. Even worse, inaccurate information on the order acknowledgment can also cause production errors that then lead to rework.


The team at Tramonto Circuits has learned a lot about these common delay triggers and has mastered mitigating these risks as best as we can. We’ve prioritized quick quotes and get 24-hour quotations done 98.9% of the time. Our on-time delivery rate is 98.15% because we know to look out for these risks and do what we can to prevent them. Move your manufacturing project along at the rate you want it to by working with Tramonto Circuits today.