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Tramonto Circuits provides 98.9% of its quotes within 24 hours. To put it simply, we’ve nailed down the quote process for PCB design pretty well over the years. Here’s what you should expect to be able to provide in order to get the most accurate quote for your PCB design project.


No matter what stage of development your project is at, one bare minimum requirement your PCB provider will need to know so that they can lay out services is a schematic. This can be a simple JPG or a full CAD schematic file. Just make sure your resolution is high enough so that the information is legible.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

BOMs most frequently come in Excel spreadsheets but other files are acceptable. This should list each component that will be used in the assembly. Even better if you can include the manufacturer, part number, and quantities. Missing details may lead us to ask for more specific information because these details will affect the amount of surface area required and layer count.

Placement Drawing

A basic dimensional view that shows the X-Y dimensions of the PCB will help your provider understand how the available PCB surface area will be organized. The more dimensions you can provide, the better, but for the most part, a basic model showing the locations of components will go a long way. These drawings are often called “key placement” documents, too.

Tramonto Circuits has a handy file upload on its quote submission form to allow users to provide this information to help guide us to an accurate quote for you. Submit yours today and get your quote within 24 hours.