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Manufacturers of all types have experienced quite their share of supply chain hiccups in recent years. At Tramonto Circuits, we’ve gone through many years of experience working around all kinds of disruptions in the world and managed to maintain top-notch delivery rates and quality for our customers. Here are our suggestions for how you can best navigate through supply chain disruptions during your manufacturing process.

Tip #1: Find a trusted partner with great delivery rates

The times sure have changed and this time in the history of supply chain issues is not the same as others. However, a company with a track record of experience working through shortages is going to be your best bet. When seeking a trusted manufacturing partner, ask what their on-time delivery rate is. Tramonto Circuits has a 98.15% on-time delivery rate, even through the delays of today.

Tip #2: Use predictive analytics where possible

Do you know yet exactly how supply chain levels may affect your project’s timeline? Predictive analytics can give you insights into buyer patterns in relation to all kinds of disruptions so you know how supply levels can affect your retail sales. Tramonto Circuits helps its partners know what they can expect along their manufacturing journey based on many years of experience.

Tip #3: Always start with a DFM analysis

Get your circuit files and anything else reviewed by an expert so that you know in advance what standards need to be met. This analysis will set your expectations for how your manufacturing process should go in light of current events and supply chain delays. Tramonto Circuits offers this guidance to circuit designers for free.

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