3 Things to Know About Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

One of Tramonto Circuits’ 3 core services is printed circuit board (PCB) design, manufacturing, and assembly. With that said, our team knows PCBs better than the back of their own hands. Here are a few basics to know about PCBs.

1. PCBs are all around us

PCBs make our lives easier by connecting the electronics of everyday life. They are found in computer motherboards and just about every piece of technology we use today such as microwaves, smoke detectors, and LED’s. From medical field solutions used by doctors to computer monitors for business and entertainment systems, Tramonto Circuits can manufacture and assemble reliable PCBs at scale with quick turnarounds and dependable on-time delivery.

2. There are a few types of PCBs

PCBs can be either single sided circuits, double sided circuits, or multi layered circuits. These each have unique construction qualities, temperature ranges, qualification metrics and performance specifications, and design capabilities. They vary in layer count, hole size, copper thickness, and more.

3. PCBs undergo extensive testing

All of our circuit boards meet the necessary qualifications and performance specifications. Tramonto Circuits offers value-added solutions like testing to make sure you’re always satisfied with your circuit assembly results. We do functional testing of flexible circuits, flexible heaters, and PCB assemblies. We perform strain relief techniques to provide robust transition from flexible circuits to rigid stiffeners or connectors. You can be sure your circuits will meet all IPC standards with Tramonto Circuits.

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3 Things you Should Expect From your PCB Design & Assembly Partner

Finding the right design and assembly partner for your printed circuit board projects can sometimes be a game of trial and error. If you’re starting a new search for the right partner or considering switching to a more reliable company, commit to these three expectations. This will set you up with strong standards and give you clarity during your search.

1. On-time delivery

Plenty of excuses can always be provided as to why your circuit board project cannot be delivered on time. Design engineers have heard them all. At Tramonto Circuits, we have a 99.4% on-time delivery rate. So, we are telling you that you absolutely should expect your assembly partner to work to meet your timing requests.

2. Responsiveness…from a human

When you’re in a crunch to get your circuit board project completed, an auto-response isn’t going to make anything better. With Tramonto Circuits, you can expect to be able to reach a human when you need to. We’ll provide you with an update on your project so you know what to expect.

3. Fast quotes

Shopping around for a design and assembly partner isn’t like a leisurely stroll through the mall. We understand that engineers want to find the right person soon and that time is money. Tramonto Circuits quotes our customers within 24 hours. That is our promise and we’ve been sticking to it for years.

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3 Ways Your PCB Manufacturer Can Go Above and Beyond

Tramonto Circuits is known by its loyal customer base as a company that works with them to provide solutions. Many of the products supplied by our company started out with a phone call that sounded something like this: “I know this can’t be done because we’ve talked with many other suppliers, but…” They’re relieved when the answer is “I think that can be done. Tell me more about it.”

Over the last 14 years, we have worked with a lot of talented companies and engineers developing cutting edge products and pushing boundaries that spur growth. These customers deserve to know that they have a partner willing to work as hard as they do to provide consistent, reliable solutions. Here are some of the ways we go above and beyond for our customers.

1. Understand their specialty

The engineers at Tramonto Circuits come from product development backgrounds. That provides us the luxury to speak the same language as our customers and have similar industry experience. Our advantage is that we know first-hand how important on time delivery and quality circuits mean to their teams. It is the difference in getting to market before their competitors and not!

2. Diversify your offerings

It’s true we’re very good at finding solutions to challenging assemblies. However, we’re also very good at fabricating standard PCBs and flexible circuits as well. Bare PCBs from 2-20 layers and flex circuits from 1-6 layers are standard for our company. The mix of products shipped from Tramonto Circuits is about half bare circuits and half-assembled circuits. We ship ALL of our products on time so our customers never have to worry that their schedules will slip. This has proven valuable in creating happy customers since 2008.

3. Ship on time

Tramonto Circuits was founded on two principles: Ship on time and ship circuits that meet all customer requirements. We’re proud to publicly post our progress each year in these two categories. Currently, we have a 99.4% on-time delivery ratio and 99.8% overall quality ratio. These key progress indicators have improved every year that we’ve been in business. The founder chose those two principals principles because of past experiences and the company has feverishly defended them. We feel it’s an important part of why our customers stay with us long term.

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Why you Should Always do a DFM Analysis

Let’s get this out of the way – You should always perform a design for manufacturing (DFM analysis) of your products. Because Tramonto Circuits can review your circuit files free of charge, we’ll provide you a few more reasons why to get this done (as if that wasn’t enough!).

You’ll meet the IPC standards – Trust us, it is better for everyone all around to meet the necessary standards in order to avoid any headaches or safety issues. This also allows you to gain more confidence in your circuits.

You’ll achieve a higher success rate with the first design – Why have to go through multiple design rounds and spend more time if you don’t have to?

You’ll receive helpful guidance – Why go through this alone? Tramonto Circuits is here to help circuit designers along the way, with no strings attached. We mean that.

You can get your Gerber files taken care of – The team at Tramonto Circuits is happy to return these for you.

You’ll have support even after completion – The project is never complete after it hits the market. You will want someone to support you with all that comes afterward.

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