One of Tramonto Circuits’ 3 core services is printed circuit board (PCB) design, manufacturing, and assembly. With that said, our team knows PCBs better than the back of their own hands. Here are a few basics to know about PCBs.

1. PCBs are all around us

PCBs make our lives easier by connecting the electronics of everyday life. They are found in computer motherboards and just about every piece of technology we use today such as microwaves, smoke detectors, and LED’s. From medical field solutions used by doctors to computer monitors for business and entertainment systems, Tramonto Circuits can manufacture and assemble reliable PCBs at scale with quick turnarounds and dependable on-time delivery.

2. There are a few types of PCBs

PCBs can be either single sided circuits, double sided circuits, or multi layered circuits. These each have unique construction qualities, temperature ranges, qualification metrics and performance specifications, and design capabilities. They vary in layer count, hole size, copper thickness, and more.

3. PCBs undergo extensive testing

All of our circuit boards meet the necessary qualifications and performance specifications. Tramonto Circuits offers value-added solutions like testing to make sure you’re always satisfied with your circuit assembly results. We do functional testing of flexible circuits, flexible heaters, and PCB assemblies. We perform strain relief techniques to provide robust transition from flexible circuits to rigid stiffeners or connectors. You can be sure your circuits will meet all IPC standards with Tramonto Circuits.

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