Finding the right design and assembly partner for your printed circuit board projects can sometimes be a game of trial and error. If you’re starting a new search for the right partner or considering switching to a more reliable company, commit to these three expectations. This will set you up with strong standards and give you clarity during your search.

1. On-time delivery

Plenty of excuses can always be provided as to why your circuit board project cannot be delivered on time. Design engineers have heard them all. At Tramonto Circuits, we have a 99.4% on-time delivery rate. So, we are telling you that you absolutely should expect your assembly partner to work to meet your timing requests.

2. Responsiveness…from a human

When you’re in a crunch to get your circuit board project completed, an auto-response isn’t going to make anything better. With Tramonto Circuits, you can expect to be able to reach a human when you need to. We’ll provide you with an update on your project so you know what to expect.

3. Fast quotes

Shopping around for a design and assembly partner isn’t like a leisurely stroll through the mall. We understand that engineers want to find the right person soon and that time is money. Tramonto Circuits quotes our customers within 24 hours. That is our promise and we’ve been sticking to it for years.

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