Let’s get this out of the way – You should always perform a design for manufacturing (DFM analysis) of your products. Because Tramonto Circuits can review your circuit files free of charge, we’ll provide you a few more reasons why to get this done (as if that wasn’t enough!).

You’ll meet the IPC standards – Trust us, it is better for everyone all around to meet the necessary standards in order to avoid any headaches or safety issues. This also allows you to gain more confidence in your circuits.

You’ll achieve a higher success rate with the first design – Why have to go through multiple design rounds and spend more time if you don’t have to?

You’ll receive helpful guidance – Why go through this alone? Tramonto Circuits is here to help circuit designers along the way, with no strings attached. We mean that.

You can get your Gerber files taken care of – The team at Tramonto Circuits is happy to return these for you.

You’ll have support even after completion – The project is never complete after it hits the market. You will want someone to support you with all that comes afterward.

Ready to get started? Contact us for a free design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis.