One of the biggest challenges manufacturers face when they partner with teams to bring a product to conception is quality assurance. When a design engineer sends something off for assembly, they need to be able to rest assured that what they receive in return is going to reflect the quality they had envisioned.

Choosing the right manufacturing partner is the first step in ensuring that your product will be both the utmost in quality and compliance. Tramonto Circuits has a few ways of making sure of that, all the while consistently achieving a 99.83% quality ratio. Here are some:

Routine electronic assembly quality assurance techniques

Work with a partner who truly has a routine for this and has done it many times. We consistently conduct component testing and regular data backups and evaluate new production methods to ensure accurate products are produced with minimal waste. This also provides you with more cost-effective solutions.

Low defect rate

Look for a low defect rate with your manufacturing partner. Efficiency, timely manufacturing, and avoiding waste are all extremely important, but only if they are simultaneously producing low defect rates.

Attention to every detail

An engineer will almost always want their PCB to be ready for immediate use upon delivery. His or her manufacturing partner ensures this with a team of certified engineers and expert production staff that provides efficient electronic component builds. Tramonto Circuits has this reliable team to provide precision quality assurance at both the board and system levels.

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