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The DFM analysis is an essential part of your manufacturing journey. Performing one early on in the process will ensure you hit less bumps along the road and avoid major roadblocks. Here’s what you need to know when preparing for a DFM analysis.

Yes, you do need a DFM analysis

Skipping this part of the manufacturing process could end up with costly mistakes and huge delays in getting your product to market. If you are designing a circuit board and need it fabricated, you need a DFM analysis. Designers with years of experience still don’t always know exactly what is needed for a specific process in fabrication.

What happens during a DFM analysis

Engineers will go over your design to make sure it meets all IPC standards and all manufacturing standards. The intention is to provide a robust, consistent circuit that can be duplicated with a high level of trust.

The benefits

The earlier your manufacturing partners can identify issues, the better the results will be for everyone all around. The DFM analysis is where this will happen and you can receive suggestions for changes that can significantly speed up the timing of your project.

How to find the right partner for your DFM analysis

Find a manufacturing partner who specializes in the market which you are developing. They will have the right expertise and can guide you in the best way. Tramonto Circuits specializes in flexible circuits and printed circuit boards. Contact us today to schedule your DFM analysis.

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