When it comes down to the specifics of designing your circuits, there are certain things to consider. Make sure your design partner knows the answer to your questions before getting too far in on your flexible circuit or printed circuit board design project. Think ahead about the following details to ensure you’re set up for success with your manufacturing partner.


Minimum trace width

Your manufacturing partner should know what the flexible circuit minimum trace width is in order to make your design. The flexible circuit minimum trace width is 4-5”. Tramonto Circuits can get down to 3” for traditional circuit boards.


Maximum layer count for your circuits

Ask your circuit design partner what they are comfortable with as far as layer count for your specific circuit. At Tramonto Circuits, we are comfortable in the six-layer range for flexible circuits and we have built up to ten layers. For circuit boards, we can go all the way up to 20 layers.


Limitations and/or possibilities

A common question we encounter is whether our client can attach components or heat-sinks to flexible circuits. Tramonto Circuits’ answer is yes, we do this every single day because flexible circuits are so widely used that making this possible was a must.


How much current do you need?

A flexible circuit can actually carry about as much current as a printed circuit board can carry. Ask your circuit design partner how many milliamps the design will hold.


Contact Tramonto Circuits today to help you find the answers to these questions for your circuit design.