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When you are trusting your design to a manufacturing partner, your expectations for how you’ll be taken care of should be high. Losing time during the process means losing money on your hard-earned project and your PCB manufacturing partner needs to know that. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right partner to help you with your PCB design.

They go above and beyond

A good manufacturing partner will keep track of items with longer lead times for you to keep things organized and on schedule. A design engineer’s job is not to keep track of all those things himself or herself. 

They stay on or ahead of schedule

A good PCB manufacturer should be able to identify quickly whether a design is going to have a mistake on its first round of boards. Their goal should be to help you get right through to the first round of testing sooner than later.

They deliver on time

On-time delivery seems to be a lost art these days. Tramonto Circuits makes it a priority. We understand that if we don’t deliver to our customers on time, they lose money. A 70% on-time delivery rate is roughly the industry standard. Tramonto Circuits reaches between a 98.15 – 99% on-time delivery rate year after year.

They communicate with your suppliers

You should be able to get intelligent answers from your manufacturing partner. They should be able to speak the language with your suppliers. For assembly partners, they should be able to communicate with your production people and make sure they fully understand the customer experience your product is supposed to deliver.

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