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Flexible circuits consist of thin, lightweight electrical circuits that conform to small spaces and contoured 3D shapes including cubes and cylinders. Tramonto Circuits works together with companies in a number of industries to produce high-quality, cost-effective flexible circuits and electronic components to meet their design requirements. We understand that every application is unique and not one size fits all when it comes to circuitry solutions, so we offer a diverse range of solutions for all types of industries. Here are some of the most common industries in which you will encounter flexible circuits. 

Consumer Electronics

Items like paintball gun devices, invisible fence dog collars, lighted gift cards, and the fitness trackers and smartwatches you wear include flexible circuits. Tramonto Circuits supplies manufacturers of these products with smaller, lighter, easier-to-use, functional flexible circuits. Current trends tell us that consumers are looking for products that make everyday life more efficient, fun, and flexible and that is our focus when helping design engineers with consumer electronics products.

Medical Devices

The very critical nature of medical devices is not one to leave to chance. In life or death situations, accuracy, dependability, and exceptional quality matter.

Here are just a few of the areas in which Tramonto Circuits is proud to have earned a solid reputation:

  • Blood analyzers (used to test COVID-19 virus and antibodies)
  • Electric wheelchair safety circuits
  • Diagnostic imaging for throat and esophagus
  • Medical biological diagnostic equipment
  • Medical perfusion machines (keeping organs at body temperature for transplants)
  • BioTech Devices for educational labs and classrooms
  • Field alcohol detection devices
  • Specialized devices used during elective surgeries for pain management and speedier recovery
  • Field drug detection devices

Our specialized flexible circuits play vital roles throughout the medical community. They also play a role in transportation, industrial applications, aerospace, and more.

Learn more about Tramonto Circuits’ many industry capabilities and contact us today for a quote.