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Six Reasons Why On Time Delivery (OTD) Matters at Tramonto Circuits!

Tramonto Circuits’ On Time Delivery Rate Reaches 94.96% in 2017!

Six Reasons Why On Time Delivery (OTD) Matters at Tramonto Circuits!

The customer’s purchasing team depends on it

When a customer’s purchasing team contacts a circuit supplier with an RFQ (Request for Quotation) for their latest new circuit design or revision to an existing circuit, they ask for two things. Price and delivery date. There is a reason they ask for both. Price is very important in the circuit industry, to be sure, but delivery is equally important. Although it’s not often taken quite as seriously. The purchasing team is counted on to have chosen competent suppliers that deliver high quality circuits on time. So, the purchasing expert stakes their reputation internally on the reliability of the supplier. There are few things better to a purchasing expert than to have their circuits delivered on time and to a high degree of quality. It keeps their reputation intact and affords them the luxury of less stress.

The customer’s product development team depends on it

Purchasing is not the only department that depends on a promised delivery date. The product development team has spent weeks or months designing and testing the new design. They are anxious to receive the circuits or assemblies so that they may confirm form, fit and function. It is the next step in their development process and delays create chaos. In many cases, they have scheduled assembly time or lab time or both. When the circuits arrive on time, as scheduled, their time can be spent efficiently and productively testing the new or improved products. If not, they must spend valuable time rescheduling lab or assembly slots which causes commotion across several departments.

The customer’s sales team depends on it

In addition to those above, the sales team may depend on the timely arrival of the circuits as well. They are anxious to meet and discuss with their customers the new or improved products they can offer. It is imperative to increase sales to a bigger audience and continue to prove a trusted supplier to existing customers. So, they need those circuits to arrive on time allowing the engineering staff to confirm the design therefore freeing the sales team to speak confidently to their customers.

The customer’s marketing team depends on it

Similar to the sales team, the marketing team depends on the circuits arriving when promised as well. The marketing team may be waiting for the finished product to be verified so that copy can be written accurately and appealing pictures be taken for their new product introduction materials. They may have scheduled ad designers, photographers, videographers etc. to begin work on the media materials. They may have also bought advertising space in digital and print outlets in preparation for the products release.

The customer’s reputation depends on it

The entire company’s reputation depends on it! Your customer has spent a lot of time on their new invention. And although the circuits/assemblies are only one part of the complete product, the delivery of that one part is very important to the overall introduction. Your customer has promised their customers and the entire industry that they sell to that their new product will be released on time. Therefore, On-Time Delivery from their suppliers contributes to and helps maintain their reputation.

 And finally, our reputation depends on it

And most importantly, our reputation depends on it! There are several ways that we can be a great supplier. One of the most important ways is to deliver ON TIME! That allows our customers to schedule internally with confidence, work efficiently and not be affected by outside influences. If, when our customer’s talk about their experience with Tramonto Circuits they speak positively about our On Time Delivery record, then we feel that we’re doing what we set out to do!

Tramonto Circuits publishes its OTD record annually to enforce our commitment to customer’s expectations!