Product development engineers add value to your circuit supplier team

June 13, 2016 in Design Tips

It’s time to go to your circuit supplier for quotes on your newest, greatest product. You’re anxious to hear back so an order can be placed and testing can begin.
But when you hear back from your supplier, the answer is, “This can’t be built the way it is designed. We must submit a no bid.”
You call, and find that the salesperson on the phone can’t help when you ask why it can’t be built. But they’ll follow up with the engineer and let you know tomorrow.
A day goes by, then another, then another. So you call again. The salesperson informs you that there isn’t anything that can be changed. We can’t build this circuit. Thank you for thinking of us.
Now what?
You call other suppliers and the answer is the same. It can’t be built!
This is a common and frustrating struggle for design engineers when a product development engineer isn’t part of the supplier team.
Product development engineers ask intelligent questions about your application and what you are trying to accomplish with this new design. They understand your lingo and standard electronic principles, and the challenge that you face. They suggest subtle changes to the design that will allow the circuit to be fabricated reliably and continue to solve your challenge.
That is the value of a circuit supplier having product development engineers on their staff.
Traditional circuit suppliers have engineers on staff – production engineers, quality engineers, manufacturing engineers, etc. But product development engineers have been in your shoes, designing hardware and software, and dealing with the same issues you do. They are a valuable asset in taking products to market.
You’ll know there’s a product development engineer available to help when you’re talking to someone that truly understands your application and can offer intelligent solutions to the challenges that you face.
They will speak your language and understand the difference between a U.L. approved circuit and a U.L. approved product.
A supplier with a product development engineer on staff will ask about the application up front. For example, you may have a high vibration application that requires special treatment of the assembly. Most times the problems won’t show up until after the first prototypes have been built and failed. Having expertise from your supplier saves your company time and money by suggesting a solution to the vibration concern for the first prototypes.
There are many advantages for your company and its budget when you have a circuit supplier that employs product development engineers. They won’t look at your project only from the circuit design point of view, but as a complete product design. You’ll truly feel like you have another member of the team!
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