Compelling article about Plant Culture and it’s affect on quality, output and predictability

Compelling article about Plant Culture and it’s affect on quality, output and predictability

November 10, 2015 in Industry News

In today’s manufacturing environment where it is difficult to find qualified team members, the article below written by Andy Thomson of EchoStar, is more important than ever. Companies that nurture a culture where all employees share in the common goal and all are treated equally on the path to that goal hold a strong advantage over their competitors.

Tramonto Circuits believes in this premise and has a unique training and hiring plan that places a priority on people that fit our culture first and the skills that may lack are trained. This has created a positive environment that focuses on customer and industry requirements and allows us to cross train effectively, all with a common goal in mind. Our customer’s satisfaction!

We will address this topic in a future blog article on 11/17/15, stay tuned for more.

The culture of any organization influences the net output of any product or service it produces. That being said, the manufacturing of products brings complexity with an order of magnitude that can affect the net output at any given point along the build cycle, starting with the sub-component supply chain to final pack. Manifestations of breakdowns along this chain are failure to make schedule, poor quality, scrap, excess labor (rework) and field returns. External ramifications are loss of revenue, loss of customers and inability to win new customers. In this article, I will try to show the interrelationship between a plant’s culture and its final product, which are not only the shippable goods, but also customer service, revenue and profit. The four cornerstones to a manufacturing plant’s culture are discipline, training/tools, motivation (plant citizenship), and self-worth.

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