Flexible Circuits vs. Printed Circuits  “Assembly Considerations”

Flexible Circuits vs. Printed Circuits “Assembly Considerations”

Posted by on Oct 22, 2014 in Design Tips

As mentioned many times in the past in this blog, flexible circuits make up a small portion of the overall printed circuit market worldwide. The questions that typically arise quickly have to do with electrical and mechanical characteristics. Then if agreeable and a flexible circuit is determined to be the best answer for an application, […]

Today in Electronics History

Posted by on Oct 20, 2014 in Industry News

TI announces 1st transistor radio, October 18, 1954 Texas Instruments announced plans for the Regency TR-1, the first transistor radio to be commercially sold, on October 18, 1954. The move was a major one in tech history that would help propel transistors into mainstream use and also give new definition to portable electronics. TI was […]

Fitness and Health Drives Wearable Sensor Market

Posted by on Oct 17, 2014 in Industry News

Driven by rising demand for fitness and health monitoring features as well as by improved user interfaces, shipments of sensors used in wearable electronic devices will rise by a factor of seven from 2013 through 2019, according to IHS Technology. The worldwide market for sensors in wearables will expand to 466 million units in 2019, […]

Flexible Circuits vs. Traditional Printed Circuit Boards  “Mechanical Considerations”

Flexible Circuits vs. Traditional Printed Circuit Boards “Mechanical Considerations”

Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 in Design Tips

Flexible circuits are usually considered for a product when a mechanical designer encounters interference or connectivity issues using a traditional printed circuit board. Other reasons exist for the decision to use flexible circuits that include overall weight, the “smaller is better” requirements we all face today and the ability to replace two or more circuit […]

Simple trick to measure plane impedance with a VNA

Posted by on Oct 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

The question of time vs. frequency, as the most useful measurement domain, has long been a controversial topic.  In some cases, it leads to rather heated discussions.  The argument in favor of a vector network analyzer (VNA), a frequency domain instrument, is that the dynamic range and signal to noise ratio (SNR) of a VNA […]

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